Indonesia officially applies to organize the 2032 Olympic Games

Jakarta: Indonesia officially proposed itself as the 2032 Olympic Games organize, with a letter signed by President Joko Widodo(Jokowi) presented to Thomas Bach, International Olympic Committee(IOC) President in the IOC Secretariat in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The letter was provided by Indonesian Ambassador to Switzerland Muliaman D. Hadad on February 11, 2019, the Indonesian Embassy in Bern noted in a statement on Tuesday.

Jokowi had shared verbally and in writing the intenstion to host the Olympic Games in 2032 when Bach visited Indonesia in 2018. 

He received a good response following Indonesia’s victory in organizing the 2018 Asian Games and Para Games. 

At a conference with Ambassador Hadad, Christophe Dubi, the IOC executive director, gave a good response to the Indonesian application and promised to maintain Indonesia informed regarding the Olympic host selection process. 

“The IOC has recognized Indonesia’s capacity while organizing the 2018 Asian Games and Para Games that were victorious. I think this is quite a solid foundation,” Hadad noted. 

Indonesia’s application to organize the 2032 Olympic Games could be a great opportunity to showcase the economic ability of the country, which is the world`s fourth more populous nation and a member of the G20, he noted.
The selection process of the 2032 Olympic Host will start in 2024 at the modern.

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