Jokowi converses with students on incident mitigation education

Pandeglang, Banten President Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) associated with a conversation with a number of students at the Panimbang Jaya Elementary School, Pandeglang City, Banten Province, on Monday. 

Jokowi went to see the elementary school to review a program called “Tagana,” or disaster vigilant ` cadets,` that teaches lessons on problem risk reduction to students. 

The president was combined with Social Affairs Minister Agus Gumiwang, Head of the Nationwide Disaster Mitigation Agency ( BNPB ) Doni Monardo, and Governor of Banten Wahidin Halim while in the visit to the school. 

The president noticed as a teacher offered the students a clarification on what they must do in case a problem strikes.

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