Q&A: BPJS Kesehatan, health care for all Indonesians

Universal health coverage ( UHC ) is a challenge for many nations worldwide and is that is why the theme for World Health Day 2018. Doing UHC is also one of the sustainable development goals ( SDGs), which demands good health and well-being. Nowadays, half of the world’s population lacks the use of essential health services, according to the World Bank.

Indonesia’s health coverage program, the National Health Insurance ( JKN ) program, is implemented by the BPJS Kesehatan ( Healthcare and Social Security Agency). With a membership comprising 195 .2 million people, the program is one of the largest of its kind in the world. Moreover, there is the Indonesian Health Card ( KIS), an added program that offers wider coverage and has been distributed to 92 .4 million JKN handles.

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