The Jakarta LRT will start functioning in March

After several delays, Jakarta’s Light Racing Transit (LRT) plans to launch commercial operations by March, an official said in a statement to the Ministry of Transport. LRT, director of LRT Jakarta President Allan Tandiono, connects Velodrome at Rawangunung in East Jakarta, is connected to Kelapa Gading in northern Jakarta, which is 99 percent. At present, officials of the Ministry of Transport are conducting competitive tests for its security before issuing a security license and certification.

There are many trials conducted by Wijaya Karya and Decker Jakarta
Propertindo. “Alan said on Monday when he called journalists to test 5.8 km rail service. Asian Games started this service last August. Its functionality was delayed in February.

Alan said, “Transport Minister [Budi Karya Sumadi i] has said that the ministry will issue certificates at the end of March, so everything is ready.”
Earlier, LRT Jakarta director Iwan Takwin said business operations would begin in April this year.

To encourage passengers to use the service, LRT Jaguar has collaborated with city-owned PT Transjakarta to consolidate two transport systems. An aerial bridge was developed to connect LRT’s Velodrome Station to
Transjakarta’s Pemuda Rawamangun bus stop. From there, passengers can take a Transjakarta bus to Dukuh Atas in central Jakarta, which is a major transportation hub, with MRT, and other transport services such as Commuter Train and Airport Train

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