TNI 2019 Cobra completes joint collective military training

In the twenty-nine countries, including Indonesia, Sunday ended the largest Asia-Pacific military exercise in Thailand. Army, Navy and Air Force took around 4,500 participants to 2019 to cobra gold to assess their forces through integrated firefighting exercise (Calfex) among other activities.

In Indonesia, approximately 51 players were trained from February 12 to 22, Thailand and the United States. The first joint cyber activity marks the year’s event to identify and protect key information in the CyberNet case. Commander Major General Mathew Warszedo, commander of the Northern Command XIII / Merdeka in Manado, said the Indonesian army (TNI) employees helped improve their skills in future operations.

“The TNI’s involvement in this international [military] program will have a favorable effect on the TNI’s preparedness in response to regional [problems], while strengthening Indonesia’s diplomacy on the international stage,” he said.

In such military events, the TNI should be involved in military diplomatic activities to act intensively and strengthen marching during operations involving foreign troops. Military officials from South Korea, Singapore, Japan, and Malaysia were invited to oversee the program. At the same time, each country had the opportunity to show their latest equipment and military vehicles.

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