Trump Displays Modern Concerns, Global Stock Market Simultaneously Crappy

Trump Displays Modern Concerns, Global Stock Market Simultaneously Crappy


Worldwide stock markets simultaneously shifted negatively on exchanging this afternoon on Wednesday ( 6/12/2019), in addition to the Us ( US ) futures market index amid continued concerns about trade.

Based on Bloomberg data , the Stoxx Europe 600 index fell 0 .5 % at 9 :29 a .m . London time ( 15 .29 WIB), at risk of the very first decline in the last 4 sessions. At the same time, the S & P 500 futures index fell 0 .3 %, the biggest decline in more than a week.

Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index slumped 1 .7 %, the 1st decrease in greater than a week and the biggest in almost five weeks, while the MSCI Emerging Market index fell 0 .4 %, the biggest decline in almost three weeks.

Reported by Bloomberg, the Stoxx Europe 600 index opened in a lower position for the first time in 4 sessions, after the average stock index slipped on the Asian market.

Stock markets in Hong Kong led weakness in Asia due to the burden of geopolitical issues after a large number of demonstrators forced road closures in the city. On the other hand, stock exchanges in Shanghai, Tokyo, and Seoul posted a slight decline.

Right when trader concerns about the issue of protectionism and also global development seem to subside due to the cancellation of import tariffs on Mexico last weekend break, US President Donald Trump’s comments about China and the US Federal Reserve bring new uncertainty.

On Tuesday ( 06/11/2019 ) local time, Trump declared holding a trade agreement with China and would not complete the agreement unless the Bamboo Curtain country government adopted the provisions which had been previously negotiated between the two countries.

Previously Trump experienced insecure to raise further tariffs if Chinese President Xi Jinping would not meet him at the G20 Summit, Osaka, on June 28-29 2019.

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